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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect property owners with guests in the most direct and affordable way. Our desire is to help property owners grow their business with the least possible cost. We are aware that renting out the properties is the only source of income for many families, and that there are significant unavoidable fees that the owners have to endure, while facing difficulties in finding other employment due to the general industry downfall. We know that every little bit counts and our hope is that this service will help some families.

This service is always free for guests. Owners pay only 25€ per year.

Guests and owners always have direct contact. All payments will be between owner and guest. There are no hidden fees.

We offer a fast and efficient system for maintaining your Availability Calendar . You can mark days busy or available, change price for a single day or for a date range .

Descriptions are entered in both languages in the same form .

Privacy: We do not sell your data to any third party. We only collect a minimum amount of the data needed. It is required to register an account. This is absolutely necessary to make sure you are a real person not a bot. Only a minimum amount of data is collected when registering an account - your email. At some parts of the website we collect your IP address for security reasons. For example if hundreds of signup requests come from the same computer we want to know and we will blacklist and block that computer. We carefully designed our security protocols and we will collect such data only when needed.

Security: We have expertise, equipement, and all technical capabilities to make sure that the data on our server is secure from malicious attacks.

As we are here to help you, please feel free to send comments and suggestions on how to improve this service to make your job easier.

How does it work?

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